The Oneplus Nord CE

The Oneplus brand has received a lot of attention with the introduction of their new smart phones the Oneplus 2 and Oneplus S. Both are equipped with virtual keyboards but unfortunately the one plus S does not have a physical keyboard. This is what makes the device so unique. You are given the option to download any application from its companion store and this is what makes it different. In addition, you can use Bluetooth on the phone which allows you to text others as well as making calls. The one plus models have a large display that is bright and vibrant as well as coming with a high definition screen.

Nokia is the third major smartphone maker and ha oneplus nord ces launched oneplus nord ce with some really neat features. The phone comes with a large LCD, curved body and is light weight to use. The display is crisp and sharp and this one definitely packs a punch. The software comes with an abundance of applications such as games, office suite, media player, social networking and much more. The prices for the handset are very competitive and the deals are enticing for those that do not want to buy through a specific network provider.

The Nokia E71 has a single color LCD screen and looks attractive with the silver metal casings and rubberized home button. The oneplus nord ce runs on the mains voltage and has a large memory to keep the apps loaded and the user has the freedom to choose from different memory configurations. The one plus has a microSD slot that is capable of supporting cards that are larger than the one gig. The mid-range smartphone has a standard battery and the connectivity options include Bluetooth and GPRS.

The Oneplus Nord CE has a standard battery and the connectivity options include BLE and WiFi. The oneplus has a unique dual camera setup where the rear camera is used for video chatting while the front camera can be used for image capturing. The processing unit has a chipset that packs a huge amount of power but the chipset also has been over clocked to offer unbelievable battery life. The battery life of the handset was proven to be a lot better than any other device in its category.

The Oneplus Nord CE comes with a 6.0 megapixel camera that is capable of shooting clear and good quality selfies. The lens is one of the best around and the camera does not have a decent optical zoom. There is however no optical zoom when taking high definition photos. The ISP also offers an Auto Focus, Color processing and image stabilization. The device also comes with a standard battery and the connectivity option includes BLE and WiFi.

The Oneplus Nord is one of the first smartphones in the Nordic region that will offer a Dual Camera System. Users will be able to capture images with the front and rear cameras at the same time. This unique ability allows the user to do dual selfies and get the most from the moment. The device also has a high-end GPS chip that ensures that the user always knows where they are. The Nordic region is rapidly turning into one of the leading smartphone makers and the oneplus phones are expected to be sold like hot cakes this summer.